Do You Need Armed Or Unarmed Security For Your Public Event?

Posted on: 28 April 2023

During the process of planning a public event, many details have to be evaluated, planned, and addressed. One particularly important element of public event planning is security. When it comes to hiring a security service, you have the option of opting for armed security services or general security guard services. How do you know whether you need armed or unarmed security at your upcoming event? Take a look at a few things to consider to help you decide below. 

Consider the Level of General Risk at the Event 

Not every public event will require the added layer of armed protection. However, there will be certain events that have enhanced risk levels and should be protected by armed security services. An event may be high risk or have an elevated level of risk if: 

  • Large monetary transactions will be taking place at the event 
  • Valuable property will need adequate protection from theft at the event 
  • Something about the event could lead to civil unrest or protestors 
  • Attendees at the event will be well-known individuals 
  • The event's location is a high-crime or high-risk area 

Consider the Comfort of the Expected Attendees 

With the anticipated activities in mind, think about how comfortable the attendees will feel about armed guards. There are certainly people who will feel more comfortable at an event with armed security services. For example, if you are hosting a publicity event with high-profile political or entertainment industry guests, they may feel more comfortable with armed guards on site. By contrast, if the people in attendance will primarily be family-oriented individuals, possibly with children in tow, the site of armed guards may be unsettling. 

Consider the Location of the Event 

The location of the event may dictate whether you can actually have armed security services or will need to simply go with security guards. For example, firearms may not be permitted in houses of worship or schools. Think about where the event will be held and consider other attributes like: 

  • The number of exit and entry points in the building 
  • How likely it will be that threats will be able to access the event 
  • The visibility of event activities to the general public 

In some situations, you may only need a few armed security guards. For example, indoor events are typically less likely to need armed security guards throughout the building but may need armed security at entry and exit points.    

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