4 Instances To Hire Unarmed Security Guards For Your Business

Posted on: 26 September 2022

A security guard on your business premises makes a great difference in terms of enhancing security. They act as crime deterrents and keep your business safe by preventing security threats. Before hiring a security team, you could be torn between hiring unarmed and armed security guards. But you have no reason to worry; here are four instances to hire unarmed security guards. 

1. Your Business Operations Are Low-Risk 

The average business dealing with regular consumer goods and services faces fewer security threats. Although all businesses face the risk of burglary and vandalism, your company might not be a major target for thieves. Businesses that deal with delicate and valuable products such as jewelry, vehicles, and money might need armed security guards. These high-value products are constantly at risk of being stolen or vandalized. However, normal stores selling less valuable products and services will only need unarmed officers.

2. You Are Operating on a Lean Budget 

Armed officers have more training and specialized skills because they carry weapons. They also need licenses and continued training. Therefore, they typically charge more for their services. So, does your current financial situation allow you to engage armed guards? If not, unarmed security services might suit you. Their services are much more affordable. 

Despite being unarmed, you can count on the guards to provide reliable protection to you, your employees, and your business. The officers are trained to respond to emergency issues. Therefore, you don't have to stretch your budget when you can comfortably hire unarmed guards. 

3. You Want to Minimize Liability 

Armed officers have dangerous weapons to respond to security attacks. You will be partially liable if someone gets hurt or killed by an armed security guard on your premises. This might attract lawsuits and legal settlements. 

If you want to minimize liability, consider hiring unarmed guards. This will give you peace of mind since law enforcement officers intervene if something happens beyond the guard's capacity. 

4. You Run a Sensitive Business

Are you running a school? Maybe a senior living facility? The presence of firearms can be very unsettling to your clients. If your clients and employees don't do well where weapons are present, perhaps it's best to choose unarmed security guards. They will provide reliable security services without driving fear into your clients and employees. 

Unarmed guards are reliable and effective in preventing and responding to security threats. If you relate to these situations, it might help to choose unarmed guards.

Contact an unarmed security guard service for more information. 


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