Want To Purchase A Commercial Building But Area Has High Crime? 2 Ways To Provide Security

Posted on: 17 August 2022

If you have found the perfect commercial building for your business but have determined the area it is in has high crime, you may be reconsidering your choice. There are ways you can provide security, however, two of which are listed below. You can then move into your new building and get started running your business.

Hire a Security Guard

One of the best things you can do is to hire a security guard. You can go through a service that provides security guards to companies. This will ensure the security guard has the right training and experience to do a good job for you. 

If you have a large building, you should hire more than one security guard, as well as have a security guard on your premises 24/7. You could also hire another security guard for inside the building for even more security.

A security guard will use a vehicle, bicycle, etc. to patrol your property outside. If they see someone trying to cause problems, they can either take care of the issue themself or contact authorities. If you have security camera equipment inside your building, a security guard can watch the monitors during the day to stop someone from breaking in.

Install Security System

Along with a security guard, you should also install a security system. Depending on what you choose the security guard can work with you on this. For example, if you install video surveillance systems a security guard can watch monitors from inside the building. Hire a security company to install the system for you. Have it connected to the company so if your alarm goes off, they will be notified immediately so proper emergency personnel will be sent to your building. 

You could have security cameras installed at the entrance doors, at the entrance into your property, and more. Security cameras can be installed inside the building as well. Set up a security guard area at the entrance, such as a small building for them to sit in to monitor who comes into the property. 

Security lights should also be installed outside all entrance areas, including at the back of your building. Install enough of them so the entire area will be lit up brightly if an intruder tries to break into the building.

Hiring a security guard service and installing a security system should provide you with enough security for you, your employees, and your commercial building.


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