5 Types Of Bail Bonds And Their Corresponding Requirements

Posted on: 13 May 2022

Bail bonds exist so that people accused of crimes stay out of custody as they await their trial dates. There are six types of bail bonds that can guarantee release. Each one has a unique procedure and purpose. Read on to find out the six types of bail.

1. Cash Bail

As the name implies, this type of bail bond requires the defendant to pay the stipulated bail money in cash upfront and in full.

Although cash bail is refundable, the defendant must appear in court on all their trial dates without fail. Otherwise, the court forfeits your cash bail and issues a warrant for your arrest.

If you cannot pay cash bail, you can opt for surety bonds.

2. Surety Bonds

Surety bonds come in handy when a defendant cannot meet their cash bail demands. They, in turn, opt to seek assistance from a bondsman or a bail bond agency.

Before they post bail for the defendant, a bail agency would typically demand a non-refundable percentage of the total bail amount as profit plus collateral (such as jewelry or property). They act as surety that the defendant will appear in court for all their case hearings.

3. Property Bond

If the defendant does not have liquid cash to post bail, they can use their property as a bail bond option.

Although other property types are acceptable, courts usually require the defendant to use real estate as collateral for the property bond.

Property bonds require full property rights and may take some time to process due to the paperwork and inspections involved.

4. Immigration Bail Bond

As the name suggests, this type of bail bond is for non-citizens. Immigration bail bonds could be cash or surety bonds.

Due to numerous requirements, obtaining an alien bail bond is time-consuming and necessitates the services of an experienced immigration lawyer. In addition, before receiving bail, the defendant must meet all required qualifications and attend all court trials after posting bail.

5. Personal Recognizance Bond

The defendant walks out of custody scot-free by the judge's order with this type of bail. Instead, the defendant guarantees the court that they'll show up in court for trial.

It is the fastest bail bond to obtain and does not involve a bail hearing.


Not every detainee held in custody will be eligible for bail. However, if you or your loved one qualifies for bail, use the above guide on bail bond types to understand your options better. For more information, contact a bail bond agency in your area.


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