4 Reasons Your Business Needs A Cyber Security Audit

Posted on: 3 August 2021

How safe is your business from hackers and other online threats? Every business today must be concerned about cybersecurity threats because of the financial and legal consequences of these threats. As a business owner, you must beware of your vulnerability to these threats to implement proper cybersecurity defense measures. A cybersecurity audit conducted by skilled cybersecurity professionals can save your business many financial and legal troubles. So why should you consider doing this type of audit?

1. Identify Vulnerabilities 

What weaknesses exist in your IT resources? An audit evaluates your hardware, software, and IT procedures to assess where weaknesses exist. For example, an internal network security assessment can discover an old router that is easy to exploit or an outdated app that is vulnerable to hacking attacks. 

A vulnerability assessment also evaluates the preparedness of your business team. This is because the human element has become the weakest to exploit. For example, hackers can overcome the best encryption if they trick a user into getting them inside the system with confidence attacks like phishing. A cybersecurity audit enables you to patch these weaknesses.

2. Evaluate Data and Information Flow 

Data is precious to hackers and other malicious actors. For example, hackers can steal personal data and use it in identity theft attacks like applying for credit cards. Competitors also desire your data to get a competitive advantage over you. 

A cybersecurity audit looks at data flows within the organization. It also evaluates data flows in and out of your IT resources. Who has access to what data? This assessment can uncover unsafe data handling or storage practices and put in remedial measures. 

Protecting your data and information is very vital because data breaches come with painful financial and legal implications. 

3. Assess Compliance With Cybersecurity Standards 

How compliant is your business with different data privacy laws and regulations? Different industries have different standards. For example, businesses in the health industry must adhere to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). 

A cybersecurity audit will show the level of compliance, and what you can do to be fully compliant. It is very helpful to do this voluntarily instead of waiting for government agencies to discover your non-compliance. It protects you from legal troubles.

4. Evaluate Your IT Tools Effectiveness

Are you leveraging tools for cybersecurity? There are various cybersecurity tools in the market today, some locally hosted and others cloud solutions. An audit can help you see the effectiveness of your current security tools and which are more capable.

Are you worried about your cybersecurity threats to your business? Talk to a cybersecurity professional about your concerns.


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