Why Uniformed Security Guards Are Always Better Than Plain-Clothed Options

Posted on: 26 March 2021

Security is needed for a variety of events, from the day-to-day managing of larger businesses to huge events that run across multiple buildings. With so much at stake, from people's health and safety to the many valuable products and items you have on display, getting the right security guards is important. Uniformed security guard services are always going to be that little bit better for you and your clients because they add a layer of formality that the public responds much quicker to. Here are three reasons why you should always go with uniformed security guard services over the plain-clothed alternatives.

Their Presence Is Often Enough To Stop Any Scuffles Or Disagreements

No one wants to get into trouble with the law or security guards, and even your most hardened party crasher or petty criminal is not going to want to deal with the ramifications of being detained by a uniformed officer. Often the main benefit of your security guards having uniforms on is that people see them and are instantly on better behavior. While plain-clothed security guards are more subtle, in almost all cases subtlety is not what you need when it comes to these disputes, which is why you want uniforms on your security guards.

People Know Who To Ask For Help

In the event that someone is hurt or needs help in some way, it can be difficult to spot those who could offer assistance if they have no identifying markers. Most of the time a security guard is not tackling thieves or handcuffing people after a rowdy fight; they are helping attendees get to where they need to go, advising where the nearest food and water services are, and providing basic first aid. If you want your guests or customers to feel safe and secure, then the best way to do that is to identify who the people they can look to for help are.

No Confusion

If an emergency does happen and you need people to evacuate or get to safety, then you want them to know who to listen to. Crowd control is not easy at the best of times, especially if you are not wearing any sort of uniform that identifies you as someone who knows what the emergency plans are. Uniformed security guard services are there to help transition everyone from the potential danger into a safe area before stampedes and rushes happen, which can hurt a lot of people. You always have to be prepared for the worst, so don't let your decision-making slip up when choosing who to give responsibility for your event or store to. 

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