Construction Security Measures Are Essential For Protecting Your Valuable Equipment And Materials

Posted on: 18 December 2020

One of the first things to do when establishing your construction area is to set up security. Depending on the type of construction you're doing and the type of equipment you have on the property, a simple perimeter fence might be enough security to start.

When construction is underway and you have valuable tools or hazardous areas on the property, you may need to improve security and even bring in a security service. Here are some ways they can help with construction security.

Set Up Video Monitoring

Video monitoring is essential for protecting a large area since a single security officer can monitor several cameras at once. Monitoring all parts of your property in real time allows the officer to spot trespassers and unexpected problems, such as a fire.

Construction sites attract all kinds of unwanted attention. Kids and teens like to climb on the heavy equipment and criminals like to steal what they can carry off. When a security officer is monitoring the site in real time, intruders can be caught or scared off. Plus, having several cameras easily available might be enough to scare away intruders.

Provide Access Control

Controlling access to your worksite cuts down on employee and vendor theft. The system you need depends on the size of your construction job, the number of employees present, and your goals. An access control system monitors each person who enters the work area.

Employees, vendors, and visitors may be given badges that track their movement so people stay in their designated areas. This keeps vendors from wandering around areas where they don't belong. Biometric access equipment protects your site even further by eliminating the risk of employees passing tracking badges around. At the very least, you may want guards at the gate who check in everyone entering the grounds.

Supply Guard Patrols

You may also want guards to patrol the grounds of your construction site. Having guards walking around or driving around the area could act as a deterrent, and the guards can respond quickly to situations as they arise. They could stop a theft in progress or drive off kids who might get hurt.

You may only need one or two guards at first and more later when your construction project is underway and you have more valuable equipment and building materials that need to be protected.

A security company can supply guards as well as offer advice on setting up a security zone and using the latest technology to protect your equipment and land. When you have strong security measures in place, your construction zone has better protection against criminal activity from trespassers, employees, vendors, and visitors.


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