Why You Should Have A Mobile Guard Shack For Your Construction Site

Posted on: 30 July 2020

When you operate a construction site and you wish to hire a security company, you will need to discuss your specific security needs. The security company may make several suggestions for keeping your construction site safe, including having officers on patrol in vehicles and on foot, setting up cameras to monitor the entire site, and more. One option that the company may recommend is adding a mobile guard shack. This small building, which the company can drop off at your site, offers a number of advantages. Here are some reasons that it's smart to have a mobile guard shack at your construction site.

It Disguises The Size Of Your Security Team

Some construction sites have just a security officer or two on patrol, while others may have significantly more security professionals playing a number of roles. If a person with criminal intent were to think about targeting your site for theft, vandalism, or some other type of crime, they might arrive to assess the scene — and would see the mobile guard shack near the entrance. Many guard shacks have tinted windows, which can immediately cause an individual to think twice about targeting your construction site. The tinting can hide how many guards are inside of the structure and might be watching, which can make criminals uneasy about proceeding.

It Allows For On-Site Camera Monitoring

Having security cameras positioned around your construction site can allow off-site security professionals to monitor the feeds, watch for suspicious activities, and communicate by radio with guards on the scene. There are benefits to this idea, but nothing beats having your security officers monitoring the cameras while they're actually at your construction site. Using a mobile guard shack allows the security team to set up computer screens to allow them to follow what the cameras are seeing. They can respond much quicker to any suspicious incidents because they're already so close.

It Provides Clarity For Visitors

Throughout the day, you may have a number of people visit your construction site. Contractors and inspectors, for example, will likely appear frequently. Having a mobile guard shack provides clarity for those who arrive. They'll recognize the guard shack as an authoritative site, and approach it to either sign in or ask to meet with a construction foreperson or other individual. Without the shack, some people may not know where to go when they arrive, which could either create delays or result in them wandering into areas that are dangerous.

For more information, contact a local construction security service.


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