Plan A Family Friendly Winter Carnival To Raise Funds For Your Youth Group's Upcoming Camping Trip

Posted on: 18 November 2017

If you and your youth group will be hosting an outdoor winter carnival to raise funds for camping supplies that are needed for an overnight camping adventure next spring, the tips below will help you plan a safe, family friendly event that will keep guests entertained.

Hire Security Guards And Use Bracelets To Keep Track Of Patrons

Contact a security jobs company and request that several security guards are dispatched to the property where the carnival is being held. Before the carnival begins, prep the guards by providing them with a layout of the property and the areas that you would like to be monitored.

Guards can walk around the grounds and observe patrons as the partake in the festivities. If any problems arise that require assistance, guards will be on hand to help out. If guards are provided with two-way radios or phones, they can contact you with questions or provide a rundown of what they have witnessed while patrolling the grounds.

If you give each paying customer a paper or plastic bracelet, the guards can look for the bracelets as they are monitoring the grounds and notify you if they notice people on the grounds who haven't paid an admission fee.

Serve Barbecued Foods And Cool Beverages

Purchase several types of meat and vegetables that can be grilled and set up an outdoor barbecue pit in the central part of the property where the festivities are taking place. Use colorful streamers to outline a dining area and place patio tables and chairs throughout the dining area so that families can enjoy eating their meals with one another.

Place winter-themed centerpieces on each table. Snowman figurines, or paper snowflakes that have glitter applied to them can be set on top of glass dishes if you would like to create your own centerpieces. Ask for volunteers to assist with serving guests food and beverages if a large crowd is present and you cannot handle cooking and serving guests by yourself.

Offer Games And A Musical Or Dance Performance

Prior to the carnival, hold a meeting with your youth group and ask members to help you plan games and a performance for guests to enjoy. For example, if your members would like to have a dunking booth, you could decorate balls to look like snowballs and have a volunteer that sits on top of the booth wear a costume that looks like a snowman. If you are going to offer a ring toss game, use jagged pieces of plastic that resemble icicles as stakes and ask guests to throw rings that are wrapped in colorful paper over each of the stakes.

Discuss the possibility of your youth group performing during the carnival. If members seem interested, they could sing or dance to a song that is reminiscent of the winter months. Help your members choose costumes and hold practice sessions with your group so that everyone is well-prepared to perform on the day of the outdoor carnival. 


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