Keeping Medical Records Safe: Securing Information To Comply With HIPAA Laws

Posted on: 13 December 2016

Electronic health records are full of important information that is highly beneficial to hackers trying to steal identities. HIPAA laws are established to protect the health information of patients, and they also protect the information from being stolen for illegal purposes. Any agency that utilizes electronic health records must implement software that protects the records from intrusion in order to comply with current HIPAA laws.

Boosting Security of Electronic Health Records Using Software Defining Networking

With software defining networking in place, hackers have a harder time getting into an electronic health record network. It's a pretty new software, and this means that hackers will need time to hone their skills and get into the network. It's important to look at how the network is set up and look for areas of vulnerability. Once any weaknesses are established, they can be fortified ahead of time, before an intruder can attack.

Why Medical Records Are So Valuable

When you want the most information about any individual in a record, you want their electronic health record. One in four data breaches will occur this year against the healthcare industry, according to Computer World. When the system is hacked into, this is not always noticed right away. With careful use of the information gathered, identify thieves can wreak havoc on the lives of those records they breached for years, unlike a financial institution where a security breach may be noticed quickly and the damage will be controlled.

HIPAA Laws Are Mandated

Patients who have their electronic health records stolen because of poor network security may be able to seek damages from the agency where their records were stolen from. Everyone has a right to privacy about their medical status, and this information in the wrong hands can cause serious ramifications for the individual. 

With security measures tightening on electronic health records, hackers will continue to try and break their way into systems. This is a strategy that isn't for a quick gain. Gathering health information data is a big business for criminals and can result in years of identify theft problems for the individual. When a hacker has the birth date, social security number, prescription medications, and health information of an individual, they can do a lot of damage over time. Businesses who control electronic health records most always focus on security and things like HIPAA expert determination to keep people's information safe from harm.


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