Tackling Data Center Identity Theft

Posted on: 28 October 2016

When your company is responsible for protecting employees' or clients' personal data and identities, data center identity protection is of the utmost importance. There are many points of entry where an attacker could gain access to classified information, so when you're designing your data center security, it's important to consider all angles. Here are some of the possible methods of stealing information from your data center, along with what to do about them.

An Attacker Gains Physical Access to the Data Center

The first potential problem is if an attacker gets physical access to your data center. This makes it easy for them to steal passwords and other information. If your data center is on your office property, make sure that it is secured with a higher level of security, such as an electronic locking system. Ensure that only essential personnel has access to the room, and change the locks when any of these people leave. Better yet, move your data center offsite to a data facility that can survey the equipment 24/7.

An Attacker Gets Onto Your Server Through Your Internet Connection

Another possible problem is that your business isn't using a fully secured internet connection. It will take the help of your internet service provider to ensure that you're using the correct network settings to prevent intruders on your network.

An Attacker Intercepts Information Sent Electronically

An intruder could also try to intercept information sent to other networks from your servers. This can be stopped by up-to-date and strong encryption services for your data and applications.

An Attacker Installs a Virus that Steals Information

Malware and viruses can be an easy way to steal information from your system. Your IT professionals should come on a regular basis to make sure no unusual activity is detected on your computers; they can also make sure you have the latest antivirus software at this time.

An Attacker Hacks Your Applications

Finally, there might be some weaknesses in the security of your applications; if a hacker is able to gain access to part of your software, they could insert code that allows them to steal information. This is why it's important to keep updating your software and looking for potential vulnerabilities.

These are only a few of the most common ways that attackers can steal personal information from your data center. While you can't always prevent an attack from occurring, you can do your best by having many layers of security and checking with a security professional regularly to see if there are any updated techniques for managing data center protection.


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