Beyond Patrolling, Your Security Guard Can Also Provide These Services

Posted on: 20 October 2016

When many business owners or managers think about hiring a security guard for their place of work, they think of having someone stationed near the front entrance to check the identification of people who visit the building and ensure that non-authorized people do not enter, while also patrolling the building. While a security guard can definitely perform these services for you, there are a number of other things that this licensed professional can do to make you, your employees, and your guests feel safer in the work environment. Here are some other services that a security guard can provide.

Employee/Visitor Chaperone

Many security guards can serve as a chaperone to your employees and visitors when they need to leave the building to walk to their car; this is especially common after regular business hours when some people might be anxious about walking alone in the dark. It's customary for this security service to be included when you have two or more security guards working as a team. One guard will remain at the security desk at the front of the building, while the other will leave the premises and walk people to their vehicles when they request this service.

Alarm Response

A security alarm being triggered during the workday can be a concern that you, as a business owner or manager, might be apprehensive about investigating on your own. For example, if you have a large warehouse at the back of your building, you might not be keen on going to check out the area if an alarm has indicated that the back door has been opened. This duty is all in a day's work for your security guard. Guards are trained to respond to alarms and will investigate the cause of any alarms promptly and take the necessary actions for the safety of you and your staff.

Security Evaluation

You can also have your security guard sit down with you and talk about any potential concerns that he or she has in regards to the security of your building. Security guards are trained to perform detailed audits on the properties that they serve. Your discussion afterward can reveal security details that you might not have considered. For example, the security guard might notice that a back corner of the employees' parking lot is dimly lit, which could be a concern. As a result of learning this information, you can hire an electrical service to install or upgrade lighting in the affected area.

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