Unusual Safes To Store Your Guns

Posted on: 7 March 2016

If you own guns, you want to make sure that anyone who is not old enough or mature enough to use the guns is not able to gain easy access to them. As a result, you might decide that you need to store the gun in a safe that has a code that only you and any other adults in the house know. However, you want the gun to be close enough to you so that you can defend any part of your home. You need a safe where you can keep your gun without the safe being an eyesore. Here are some safes that you should consider.

1. A Safe That is Part of the Bed

One option that you should consider is a safe that is part of your bed. This will allow you to hide the existence of the safe to anyone who isn't old enough to handle the information, protecting them, but could also potentially allow you to keep the safe unlocked due to the fact that the safe is well-hidden. One worry that many people have is that they won't have time to fiddle with a combination lock if an intruder comes in the middle of the night. If you have this worry, this is a great safe for you because you don't necessarily need to keep it locked while you are able to watch the safe and, when it's built into your bed, you're going to be right on top of it.

2. Use an Old Vending Machine

Another option is to purchase an old, nonfunctioning vending machine on the Internet for a low price. Once you have the vending machine, open the door in the front as though you were restocking it with soda. Then, remove anything that might be in the way of you adding a safe to the vending machine. Close the front door when the safe is installed. This is an excellent way to store guns in the basement because the vending machine will keep the safe elevated so that, if there should be a flood, the safe will not be compromised with water. Most thieves will also not suspect that there is anything of value in an old vending machine.

3. Build a Safe Into a Walk-In Closet

A third option is to build your safe into the wall of a walk-in closet and then hang scarves or a shoe caddy over it so that no one can see it. If a thief comes to try to steal your guns, he or she will likely not realize that the safe is there in the first place and, if he or she should suspect, the space is going to be narrow enough so that he or she will be easy to apprehend.

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