What To Ask When Getting New Alarm Systems Installed In Your Store

Posted on: 1 March 2016

If you are opening up a store, before your ribbon cutting ceremony, you should make sure that your store, employees, and customers are properly protected. This includes having a proper fire alarm system installed. Look for fire alarm systems for sale and a firm that can provide proper installation (like A-Best Fire and Security Incorporated or a similar location). Though you may be interested by the glitz and glamour of new model fire and security alarms, you want to pick systems that provide necessary protection and will not end up being a liability. Here are some questions to ask about your security systems before installation. 

How does it work?

Some fire alarm systems trigger a ringing alarm to alert everyone to get out of the building. Other fire alarm systems actually speak to customers and instruct an exit through voice. Some systems are set to react and the sprinkler systems can go off in the event that smoke or a fire is detected. Ask how the system works before installing it inside of your store. You want to make sure that the alarms are loud enough to alert customers and employees in all corners of the store, but are not obstructive to other store decor and security systems. 

Does the security alarm record or stream live?

On reality television detective shows, you may notice that the detectives always ask if there is a camera recording available for the time of a crime. Some stores will respond yes, while other stores will answer that their camera only streams live. You want to have a camera that can save and record any incidents that happen in your store. While a live stream is useful for security officers during business hours, being able to record incidents that happen in your store will aid you significantly in proving or disproving claims and solving possible crimes. 

Are there options for customers with imparities?

You want your store to be completely inclusive and that means your safety measures. Make sure that there are ramps available via all of the exists for customers who have mobility issues. Also, make sure you select an alarm that has flashing lights triggered in the event of a fire. This will alert customers who have hearing imparities that there is an emergency and that they need to exist the building. Be sure that all exists are clearly signed and are easy to open. Heavy doors that are difficult to move can cause traffic congestion and issues for those who may have less body strength, such as children or the elderly. 


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