Mistakes That Can Jeopardize Your Business's Security

Posted on: 18 November 2015

The last way you want is to find out that your business has security holes is by having an expensive and reputation-damaging security breach. To prevent this from happening, you will need to become aware of the common mistakes businesses make when securing their buildings and training their employees.

Not Securing Every Level

When you are designing the security of your business, you will not only need to factor in the ground level and front door, but also make sure that the upper levels are secure. Businesses commonly forget the upper levels and suffer a security breach when they do not secure upper levels. Don't forget that burglars can bring ladders.

Employees Leaving Doors And Windows Unlocked

Employees will often simply leave doors or windows unlocked. They must be trained to regularly check doors and windows to make sure that an employee hasn't forgotten to close one. Also, restricting access of employees to different areas of the business will allow you to identify which employee is forgetting to lock a door.

Computers Left Unattended

Oftentimes, employees will leave computers unattended, leaving these computers available for intruders to access. In addition to having computers secured with strong passwords, you should enable computers to time out shortly after a period of inactivity to trigger the login screen.

Not Properly Handling Documents

Consider which documents have the most sensitive information. For example, if you must collect the personal information of your customers, including their social security numbers, you will want to have a specific system for handling these documents. When they are still in use, employees must be trained on the proper places to temporarily store the documents. When they are no longer needed or after they have been scanned and digitized, sensitive documents must be shredded.

Not Rekeying Or Replacing Locks

If you fire an employee who is known for engaging in suspicious behavior, you will want to have your locks replaced or rekeyed. Many businesses unnecessarily replace expensive locks, when it is cheaper to simply have your lock rekeyed.

Placing Valuable Products And Equipment On Display

Do not place valuable goods or equipment on display. Your most valuable equipment should be placed in a location that is the least visible, away from windows, so would-be burglars do not see things that might tempt them. Do not place expensive products in display windows. Consider placing display-only models or cardboard cutouts so criminals cannot profit from smashing and grabbing a valuable piece of merchandise.

Ultimately, your weakest link is the employee who chooses not to follow the security protocols you have laid out. Enforcing proper security protocols should be part of the responsibility of the head of your security. You must also be prepared to carry out swift disciplinarian actions when employees contribute to a security breach. For more information, talk to a security professional like A P I Security.


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