3 Types Of Security Guard Services To Consider

Posted on: 13 April 2015

Security guard services come in a variety of different types, with services that are appropriate for everything from bodyguard services to government functions. Among the most useful types of security guard services available are residential, corporate, and armed security.


Residential security guard services are typically hired by alarm companies that want to ensure that there is a quick follow-up to any alarms that go off from one of their clients' homes. You will often find these types of guards in and around apartment complexes and private communities. These guards are usually not going to be armed, at most you can expect these guards to have stun guns or pepper spray. 

In most cases, these types of security guards will be patrolling in order to stop relatively minor crimes, such as vandalism or trespassing. You should consider hiring this type of guard service if you want someone to deter those minor crimes in your area, and understand that the police will still need to be contacted to deal with more serious issues or if you wish to press charges for the minor crimes.


Corporate security services are the type of service that you will want to hire if you want to protect both your employees and your business assets. These guards will protect your building or grounds from any trespassers or anyone who might prove to be a threat to your employees.

However, these security guards are also trained to watch the interior of your business as well. Corporate security will watch and patrol the inside of your corporate offices to ensure that your employees are not stealing or destroying any company property, as well as stop any violent confrontations from developing between your employees. In addition, these guards will also escort any terminated employees from the building to ensure that they do not steal or destroy anything on their way out.


Finally, you also have the option to hire armed security guards. While most security guard jobs will not require much relevant experience, armed security guards will often have law enforcement or military backgrounds.

This is to ensure that the guards have the proper training and control to know exactly when it is appropriate to draw and use their weapons. Armed guards should typically be reserved for those positions where there is a high level of risk.

Speak to a security guard service, like S&S Security Services, to discuss what type of security guard would be most appropriate for your particular situation. Armed guards are ideal for high-risk scenarios where someone's life could be in danger, while corporate and residential security focus on the protection of assets and deterring minor crimes.



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